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Greg McGee

Born in Middlesbrough, brought up in Australia, and back to Middlesbrough by the age of 8, Greg McGee learned quickly that the only thing better than making his new friends laugh was to wow them with his drawings.

Art remained a touchstone and, after a year teaching Art in Kiev Greg spent 3 years as a teacher in his home town, before moving to York to teach English.

The magic of learning became a passion: harnessing the dry objectives of OFSTED didn't.

On leaving teaching, he continued his involvement with cultivating young minds via a role as a School Governor and also in leading visual art workshops with marginalised groups across the UK with his award winning charity New Visuality.

Whether it's through the exhibitions in the contemporary art gallery he co-directs with wife Ails ('According to McGee Gallery' was established in 2004), or whether he’s channelling the discussion on the discretionary hygge of homeowners as judge on BBC's 'Best House in Town', Greg is committed to evangelising the power of art. its inception, its execution, its exhibition.

More than this, it is the simple, transformative function of art and creativity which now fires him to spread the good news.

Nico Jones

Nico's first love was music, but a as soon as he clapped eyes on a MiniDV camera in 2001, it was love at first sight: video production became an obsession. 

He spent a decade in Birmingham as a motion graphics artist, before a stint in London as a successful freelancer. In 2015, he moved back to his native York, and established a solid reputation as a videographer.

As well as running Hidden Door he's a co-founder of Captain, a tool that makes it easy for organisations tell their stories with smarthpone video. 

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